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Steven Fishwick

Chantelle Benson

and Millie

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the youth section of SYDA.
My name is Chantelle and my partners name is Steven. We have a beautiful daughter called Millie who is our world. We started camping again in 2014 and became youth leaders in September 2016. 

We used to camp a lot with our parents as children and when we were old enough we joined the SYDA youth. Being part of the 

youth made coming away with our parents a lot more bearable 😂. We both passed our youth tests, attended youth rallies and I even won youth of the year in our DA. Being in the youth gave us some brilliant, happy and very funny memories that we still love to talk about now. 

We are hoping that by taking on the role of the youth leaders that we are able to bring the youth back and help your children and our daughter make

the amazing memories that we have. We want children to be excited to come camping with SYDA and to find friendships that last a lifetime.

We hope that if you see us out and about you come and say hi. Any questions about the youth or how to join please give us a call or send us an email. Hope to see you all soon,

Chantelle & Steven

Winter Youth Rally 2019 Snowflake Trophy Winners!


SYDA Youth managed to win the Snowflake Trophy at 2019's Winter Youth Rally held at Ripon Racecourse (1st - 3rd February) by competing in all the activities held and gaining most points overall.
Activities included: Wii Tennis, Jenga, Connect 4, Uno, Twister, and DA Quiz Challenge.

WYR19 Trophy.jpg