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Herrington Country Park, Sunderland

14th July - 6th August

A picturesque, stunning site. Looked down on by the lit-up Penshaw Monument, this lovely enclosed area is perfect for those with pets, chlidren, and those who like walking. Based in a country park, there are plenty of walks to go on around the parks big lake, up the hill to the monument, or to visit the stone sculptures found in the park. There is also a cafe situated in the park that is open daily serving coffee, teas, and food; all at good prices. The cafe is found next to the big childrens play area, that has climbing frames, slides, swings, and even a zip line! This is definitely a site that shouldn't be slept on!

This meet will be coinciding with the Kubix Festival!

Tickets to the festival are sold separately.






£10.00 pun



D & C Swift, M & C Turner

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