Chairman’s Message

Welcome to our website where I hope you will find useful information to help you plan your leisure time away in your unit, whether that be a weekend rally or a holiday site.

Temporary Holiday Sites

In 2017 we are holding no less than eleven Temporary Holiday Sites, all in popular locations where you can stay for a night or two or you can stay for the duration of the meet.  Click the heading to find out more about our temporary holiday sites.

Weekend Rallies

Rallies are only open to Club members. South Yorkshire DA runs rallies on most weekends from March through to November. At some of our rallies you will find entertainment and social gatherings including communal barbecues, evening entertainment and fun events.

Charity News

Charity fund raising runs from January 1st to December 31st each year. The chosen Charity for 2016 is the Blood Bikers.

Click the YouTube link to see what we get up to on weekends and our beautiful THS sites