The following guidelines will be in use for the forseeable future, due to the situation surrounding COVID-19. These have been taken from the Camping and Caravanning Club's greenpaper on the matter, which can be accessed through their website, in the members area.

What you need to do...

  • Before travelling, ring our site stewards via the number on the website to ensure a pitch is available to you.

  • Do not visit any of our sites if anyone you have been in contact with is showing symptoms of COVID-19.

  • Only one person should leave the vehicle to book in, staying outside of the booking in tent, also confirming with the stewards that no one in your group is showing any symptoms of COVID-19. 

  • Payment should be given in cash, with the exact amount needed to cover your stay placed inside a sealed envelope. Where possible, we do not want to be passing around change.

  • Stay socially distant to other campers whilst you're staying with us, and act in a responsible way to ensure everyone is protected.

  • Only adults can empty chemical toilets on site. Only adults and youth test passed youth members can use water taps; no children are allowed to do this. Only one person is permitted to use these facilities at a time.

  • Take your own wipes and pipes to the water taps; we will aim to provide this for you, but in the event that this isn't the case, please be prepared for yourselves.

  • No members to be gathered inside awnings or caravans, outside of your bubble, unless government guidelines are to change in the future.

  • Parents/carers/guardians must be aware where their children are at all times, and not to let them inadvertently break social distancing rules, this is the responsibilty of the above.

  • There must be no day visitors to the site.

  • If you start to develop COVID-19 symptoms, your whole party must leave the site immediately, informing the stewards in a safe way that this is the reason for your leave, following this seek medical advice.

  • Follow the guidelines given by the stewards and Camping and Caravanning Club at all times during your stay.

What we'll be doing...

  • Signage of COVID-19 symptoms will be present on site, along with signage on basic procedures that are apparent due to COVID-19.

  • Taking contact information of all site stayers, to comply with the track and trace scheme, these details will be kept for 21 days after your leave and then will be destroyed.

  • Stewards will be wearing appropriate PPE to take cash and book in campers.

  • Stewards will pitch the unit into a social distanced safe pitch.

  • All sites are an individually pitched "pop up" site and are by no means a social event or gathering.

  • No social events will be taking place such as: bingo, marquees, communal BBQ's, coffee mornings, organised sports or discos.

  • Where possible, hand gel and wipes will be provided at water taps, chemical disposal points, and on site rubbish bins.