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South Yorkshire District Association will be holding their 2023 AGM on Saturday 1st April at 2pm at Shaw Lane Sports Club. There will be camping for the weekend at Shaw Lane on hardstanding, please refer to the sites list for details of this.

Can we please ask that anyone that is attending our AGM sign in using the form below or by giving our treasurer, Jan O'Brien a ring on 07783 945786.

The reason we are asking you to do this is as food will be provided in the evening after the AGM, and numbers will be needed for catering purposes. Only one member of each party will need to do this, but we ask that you provide the number of adults (including the party leader) and number of children that you are attending with.

If you do not let us know that you are attending, then unfortunately we cannot provide catering for you.

Please only fill out the form if you are staying for the evening after the AGM as that is when the catering will be provided.

Doors for the AGM will open at 1pm for a 2pm prompt start to the meeting. Catering will be scheduled for after the meeting.


Around the site there is 4 schools that finish between the times of 2:15 pm - 3:30 pm so please avoid arriving on Friday between 2 pm - 4 pm as the roads will be busy with school traffic.

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Do you wish to camp the weekend?

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